Connecting Users With Information

Connecting users with information can take many forms from, assisting in a reference question to helping with a homework question, to serving as a reader’s adviser in helping a patron discover their next favorite book.  While face-to-face contact is best, outside of this, the best resources I not only utilize as a library patron, but also frequently find are helpful ways to connect users to information, is through the use of pathfinders and reading maps. These tools are resources that offer a wealth of information on a specific topic, often engaging patrons to seek out ideas and interests.

Below are three examples of pathfinders I’ve created to help connect patrons with information surrounding a specific book, author and topic.

Gardening Tips and Resources Online Pathfinder

Behind the Book: Online Reading Map of the Suspense Novel 13-1/2 by Nevada Barr

Jane Eyre and the Bronte Sisters Online Pathfinder


Teaching Others

Teaching others is at the core of what the librarian does every day.  It is through engaging in all of the other 6 principles do we effectively take on that which is teaching others how to read, learn, be entertained, discover and hopefully want to then teach someone else.  It is by using creative solutions that librarians are able to connect users with information, provide access to and freedom of information, and take advantage of new information needs and opportunities all for the ultimate advantage of serving the patron.

Such creative solutions involve many aspects, two of which are exemplified here.  Through creative use with what is otherwise a simple flyer, ideas are fostered, information is shared, and opportunities arise for further learning and enjoyment of an author or a subject.  It is by providing this access that we serve the library patron.

Children’s Author James Marshall

Christian Fiction for Young Adults