Idea in Action: Adventure Packs

Update!  These have been so successful, I’ve added new packs to the collection.  I Love Cats and I Love Dogs are additions for the Summer Reading theme of Paws to Read.

  1. Winter Weather Fun;  added over the winter and includes the Frozen soundtrack!
  2. Playful People:  A Pirate Party
  3. Playful People:  A Princess Party
  4. Animals:  Dynamic Dinosaurs
  5.  I Love Cats
  6. I Love Dogs
  7. Dance & Gymnastics:  Moove and Groove
  8. Sports:  Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Idea in Action: Adventure Packs

Adventure Packs are here and have flown off the shelves!  I am thrilled that this new collection has been so well received by patrons.   There are 10 total packs.  Each pack comes zip tied in a clear plastic backpack and has a descriptive label listing what’s inside.  The packs are themed and each has a variety of books, games, puzzles, toys, and music CDs.  Each pack includes brand new items.

The themes are:

  1. Animals:  Awesome Animals
  2. Vacation:  Bodacious Beach Vacation
  3. Vacation:  Spectacular Summer Vacation
  4. Vacation:  Planes, Trains and Cars
  5. Outdoors:  Explore the Great Outdoors
  6. Summer/Bugs/Gardening:  Explore Nature in Your Backyard
  7. Explore the World 1:  Be a World Explorer (Ages 8+)
  8. Explore the World 2:  Be a World Explorer (Ages 3+)
  9. Explore the USA:  Take a Trip Around the USA
  10. Early Literacy: Learn Your ABC’s and 1,2,3’s


Communicating and Managing Change

Communicating and managing change is perhaps one of the most important aspects a manager must employ in order for the operations of their department, their library, to function at its best.  By nature, people are not receptive to change, they don’t know to handle the differences that are now occurring at their library.  When the changes are communicated in a positive manner and managed with a mentality that change is an opportunity, library employees will better understand what is happening and not be fearful.

One example of assisting librarians to embrace and manage change is through a collection development resource guide.  Through such a guide, new librarians can quickly get acclimated with their new surroundings and current librarians can get updated with policy and department changes and updates at their convenience.  This central location for a resource guide also provides one place for all librarians to communicate when a wiki or discussion board is added to the guide.

Review the guide I created for the University of Illinois Rare Books and Manuscripts Library

Another example of change in a library is the process of weeding.  Addressed in this presentation is why weeding is necessary, the fears and misconceptions, positive ways to communicate and manage the process, and several case studies of how poor management and communication negatively affected the library’s perception to the community.