“Digital” Storytime

I incorporated the Library’s Ipad in my beginning reader storytime tonight and it was a huge success. I wanted to use this storytime as an introduction to the idea of digital literacy.  We first had a conversation about what an Ipad and tablet was and how their teachers use smart boards in the classroom.  I wasn’t surprised at all they knew about digital devices at such a young age and we talked about the different mediums.   What also interested me is that while the kids know about the internet, tablets, smartphones, etc. and many knew how to use them, they didn’t understand the differences of the products or what everything does.  I also talked to them about how as they learn to read, using a real book together with an audio, playaway or Ipad app of the same book can help them learn.  They thought it was the coolest idea and I got a room full of ‘ooooooh’s’  I also pulled actual copies of the books we ‘read’ aloud with the Ipad and they literally RAN to the back counter of the storyroom to check them out!

I am really excited at how this simple technique got these kids so excited about reading and I plan to use the idea again!

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